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Safety in the Science Directorate

Work Planning and Control

WPC It is the responsibility of every individual working in the Photon Sciences Directorate (PSD) to be aware of and familiar with the hazards associated with their work and the laboratory environments that they conduct research  in. Equally everybody is responsible for following work procedures and protocols and ensuring that resources are available to perform their work in a safe manner.

SLAC’s work planning and control (WPC) program is an integral part of ensuring that safety is built in to all of our activities. The expectation from the Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Science and Line Management is that all staff, visitors or users MUST adopt and use work planning and control principles when planning and performing experiments.  Refer to the SLAC WPC Program for more details.

A DRAFT of the WPC document for Photon Science has been created. 

DRAFT Photon Science WPC program

Management Walkaround procedure

The mangement walkaround plan applies to all line managers including ALD's, supervisors, ESH Coordinators and Building Managers as well as point of contact for users and students.  The table below shows tha frequency of management walkarounds:

Management Title

Minimum Frequency Of Walkthroughs

·         ALD

·         Deputy Directors


·         Division Directors

·         Dept Heads/Project Managers (red and yellow work)

·         Laboratory Managers/PI’s with “ownership” of specific areas

·         Supervisors

NOTE: Monthly walkabouts for PULSE and SUNCAT labs will be performed by the PULSE Division Director

The SUNCAT Division Director will perform quarterly walkabouts of the SUNCAT areas.

Weekly for laser labs

Monthly for non-laser labs

· ES&H Coordinators (Facility walkthroughs)

Weekly (at least some proportion of the labs)

·  Dept Heads/Project Managers (green work)


· Building Managers (Facility walkthroughs)

Weekly (at least some proportion of the labs)

Management Walkaround Plan

Who do I contact for safety questions?

The Safety Coordinator directly supports PSD staff and projects and is the primary resource for assistance with all Environment Safety & Health (ESH) matters. The Safety Coordinator acts as the primary interface between you as the PSD customer and institutional ESH programs.  Photon Science also has a laser mentor who is available to provide assistance on laser related questions.  They are not here to do work for you but instead to provide guidance as needed.  Feel free to call on them if you need assistance.


Nimmi Kovvali (x3094)                                                   Marc Welch (Laser Mentor) x3754

Who do I call for building/facility related questions?


             Building Manager                                                                 Assistant Building Manager

             Kaushik Patel (x2807)                                                            Mike Earley (x3439)

The building manager is the main point of contact for all building related issues, including utilities (electrical, compressed air, water, process water etc.) tied into the building. The building manager is also the point of contact for receiving chemicals and gases delivered to the building.

Where can you find us in Bldg 040?

Nimmi has an office in B040, room 126. Marc Welch has an office on the third floor of B040, Room 214.  Kaushik Patel has an office in Building 243 and Mike Earley has an office in Building 241.  The best way to reach the building managers is to call their extension or to email them.




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