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The International Linear Collider at SLAC

Scientists' entire picture of the structure of matter, with its fundamental particles and forces, has emerged from the increasing energies of particle collisions. Each generation of accelerators has built on the discoveries of previous generations to take us deeper into the mystery and beauty of the universe.

Now, a new generation of accelerators with the highest energies yet, such as the International Linear Collider, will open up for exploration a region of energy—the Terascale—that has ten thousand trillion times the energy of space today. By taking us to this new scientific territory, the ILC would allow us to discover the quantum universe and answer basic questions at the heart of particle physics.

"SLAC is committed to continuing its leadership in advocating and working on the design of the ILC machine and the detector. The laboratory has the strongest electron accelerator group in the United States, if not the world, and in collaboration with our international partners we will contribute to both the design and testing of major ILC subsystems as well as to the overall design."

-- SLAC Director Jonathan Dorfan

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