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Selected Media Coverage of Fermi's Large Area Telescope Sees Surprising Flares in Crab Nebula Press Release

The Crab Nebula, one of our best-known and most stable neighbors in the winter sky, is shocking scientists with a propensity for fireworks—gamma-ray flares set off by the most energetic particles ever traced to a specific astronomical object. Read the press release...

Print/Web Coverage

MSNBC: Famous Crab Nebula shoots off mysterious flares

Science News: Crab nebula outbursts shock astronomers

New Scientist: Mystery flares betray hidden force within Crab nebula

Ars Technica: Crab Nebula gets erratic with gamma-ray outbursts

International Business Times: Crab Nebula Emits Strong Gamma-Ray Flares

The Epoch Times: Crab Nebula Emits Gamma-Ray Flares, Scientists Say

SiFy News: Crab Nebula shoots off surprising flares

R&D Magazine: Spotted: Surprising flares in Crab Nebula Famous Crab Nebula Shoots Off Mysterious Flares


ScienceBlog: Fermi’s Large Area Telescope sees surprising flares in crab nebula


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