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Press Release: Professor Gregory Loew appointed deputy director of SLAC

Date Issued:July 05, 2001



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Artistis View of the Experiment Gregory Loew, professor of applied research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), has been named deputy director of the center. SLAC Director Jonathan Dorfan announced the appointment. "Since receiving his Ph.D. at Stanford, Greg has dedicated his considerable talents and energy to the university and SLAC," Dorfan said. "I am excited to welcome him as my partner in running SLAC."

The deputy director partners with the director to run all aspects of the government-owned, university-operated laboratory and performs several critical functions. One of the most important aspects of the job is communicating with SLAC' international collaborators.

Loew brings to the position 40 years of experience at SLAC encompassing almost all aspects of the laboratory. He was instrumental in the construction and commissioning of SLAC's linear accelerator, and has contributed continuously to its evolution from a 16 GeV electron accelerator to its present 50 GeV incarnation capable of accelerating positrons and polarized electrons.

Internationally renowned as an accelerator scientist, Loew is also an experienced manager. He was Technical Division deputy director at SLAC for 21 years and Technical Division assistant director for technical support for seven years. He has served all three SLAC directors as charge d'affaires, overseeing the visits of dignitaries and providing a critical point of contact with foreign governments.

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